The theme of this website is brand farming. Not brands to do with agriculture; farming in the sense of sowing the seed, nurturing the plant or the livestock as it grows and bringing it to maximum and profitable fruition. This is necessary because brands do not grow by accident. Even in the early days of the Industrial Revolution and the commercial revolution, the brands that still exist were carefully thought through. There was a need. The need was seen, a solution (there may have been many possible) was conceptualized, the soil in which it could best grow was identified and the brand began.

Marketing cultures have changed many times since the earliest brands began life. One of the most far-reaching changes – from a seller-oriented marketplace to a buyer-oriented marketplace has taken place largely in the last 10 years. There will be more changes, and brands must be nurtured to find a way through the changes and to continue to thrive.

Brands promise things and brands are perceived in particular ways. Brand farming will understand the perceptions and bend the promise to fit. The brand will have its own story – its “narrative” – and the narrative will be cultivated carefully to make sure it meets customer expectations.

Brand advocates must be identified, cultivated and nurtured because they can have an impact on the brand’s success or failure greater than the most expensive marketing campaign the world has ever seen. They are also more likely to get it right, while some of the most expensive marketing campaigns have been almost triumphant in their demonstration of how to mess things up.

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