5 must read books on PR and communication

If you have an interest in PR and communication, you might wonder what books to read to get a grasp of the industry and to get some inspiration for your future career path. Today we have chosen 5 books that we consider to be “must read” books. In no particular order:1.”How to win friends and influence people”, by Dale Carnegie. This book is usually referred to as the Public Relations bible and is a book that a lot of successful people have openly recommended. First published in 1937, it has sold 15 million copies.

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2.”Thank you for smoking”, by Christopher Buckley. The book features a big tobacco representative who is defending not only tobacco companies but also those who partake in the dangerous habit of using their products. This while trying to remain a role model for his 12-year old son. An insight into more cynical aspects of the business3. “How to turn the power of the press to your advantage”, by Michael.S.Sitrick . This is a book that provides insight into the world of crisis communications. If you are planning to pursue a bachelor in communication, read this book for valuable lessons in the dynamics of press and communication during times of crisis.

Leadership in crisis and the Contagious

4. “The art of crisis leadership: Save time, money, customers, and ultimately, your career”, by Rob Weinhold. Another good book about crisis leadership, that explains how to prepare for, navigate through and recover from crises using real-life examples of people and companies that lived through them.5.”Contagious: Why things catch on.”, by Jonah Berger. Definitely a book for a time when “going viral” is a thing. You might have wondered why a video of a cat playing keyboard could get 43 million views. Well, this book explains it. A must read for the time we live in.